Earth Day Prayer

Spirit of Life, spirit of earth, spirit of all that breathes and all that is: we love you.

L Laura Horton-Ludwig

Sacred Paths

We all honor the Spirit of Life, the Spirit of Compassion, the Spirit of Justice, the Spirit of Love

L Lindasusan Ulrich

In Honor and Praise to Black Rage

Deep in the shadow of night, down near the crossroads and cemetery gates, with bitter liquor and cigar smoke wafting, I greet you. Clad in white, upon the floor before shrines, following the names of the Ancestors being uttered, I greet you. You are the sacred and righteous rage of my people.

B Byron "Tyler" Coles

Even This Is Enough

So much undone. So much to do. So much to heal in us and the world. So much to acquire: a meal a healthy body— a fit one— a lover a job a better job proof we have and are enough just around the corner of now. And up against it the reality of all that falls short and the limits of today. We honor...

V Vanessa Southern


This is a prayer for working parents zooming another meeting with a little face joining in; for new parents, waiting for new life without support; for the single parents, doing all this alone.

S Sara Goodman

Prayer for While in The Struggle

Spirit of light and love Spirit of resistance Spirit of generosity That which serves as our conscience in this work That we do to dismantle white supremacy To empower the marginalized To insist that black lives matter, matter We have been angered We have been saddened We have been pushed to the...

M Margalie Belizaire

For Dragonflies

For dragonflies, butterflies, Caterpillars on leaves, Lizards, wild turkeys, and tigers and deer, We give thanks! For sunset and seashells And starfish and sand, Octopus, jellyfish, and hammerhead shark, We give thanks!...

G Gail Forsyth-Vail

I am not alone. There is a Love holding me.

May I move gently through this cloudy, murky, gray day. May I remember that this is just one day, and that showing up is at least half of what is asked of me. May I set aside my underlying anxiety that I will not get to everything and put my trust and faith onto the riverbank of human community —...

H Heather Rion Starr

Transgender Day of Remembrance Prayer

On this Transgender Day of Remembrance, we remember those who have been murdered for being who they are, those who face violence on a daily basis, those who have lost loved ones, and those who worry for loved ones. May we come to a time when we cease to shame children around gender roles and...

S Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe

Shantideva Prayer, Adapted

This pastoral prayer is adapted from the prayer of Shantideva, an 8th century Buddhist monk and major source of inspiration to the Dalai Lama, who references the original prayer often. There are many translations, some of which contain the whole text; some of which do not....

K Karen G. Johnston

A Prayer on the Occasion of an Ordination

Gracious and loving Lord, in perfect assurance of Your presence here we pray your fulfillment of these blessings upon this minister who has been called from among these people to assume the office of pastor, preacher, prophet and servant. God, we pray that you will utterly possess N. in all of...

V Victoria Weinstein

Holiday Season Prayer

Spirit of Life, The beginning of the holiday season is filled with temptations to conspicuous consumptions, and pleas for generosity. The contrasts between the values represented by this time of year, and our ability to fulfill them, remind us how great the distance can be between aspirations and...

W Wayne B Arnason

Interfaith Prayer for the World

In the spirit of love and compassion, let us pray. Spirit of Life, gods of many names, be in our hearts and minds as we come together today to pray for our world. We come today as people of privilege, grateful for this blessing, and hopeful for our future. Let us know that each from our own...

C Claudene (Deane) Oliva

As a New Year Begins

Great Spirit of Life, as a new year begins, we turn inward to reflect about the state of our lives: What lessons have we learned in the past year and which new ones now call us forward? To whom do we still owe an apology or expression of thanks? And with whom must we draw fresh boundaries? As we...

K Kate Lore


Spirit of Life, God of Love, I am entwined in your delicate web of mutuality. The life energy that makes me reach for the sun also moves me to become wrapped, like the strong bittersweet vine and the delicate sweet pea, around those I meet and love. Here in the tangle of my daily life I feel your...

S Stephen M Shick

Prayer of Co-Creation

Creative spirit, source of life and love: We give thanks for the beauty of this day and for the company of those assembled here. Thank you for the breezes of change, clearing our heads and bringing fresh ideas. May they cleanse our minds of the oppressions and isms that divide us....

L Lyn Cox

Praying for Refuge

The familiar can be delicate for the innocent, and too often suddenly lost and destroyed: homes and roads and neighborhoods or simply the sense of security which makes a place feel like it’s yours like it’s a place to stay. For so many reasons, people depart. They seek refuge from a thousand...

A Anonymous

Prayer in a Time of Awe

Holy grandparents of the Universe...energies of creation...endless mysteries of life: You are the music that sounded before our world was born, sound and silence woven throughout the ages, far beyond the most profound wisdom humanity has been able to touch....

M Maureen Killoran

Prayer for New Marines

Gracious God, A warrior fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. As a warrior prepares for battle, there is a solemn responsibility: to know how and when and if to take life, just as a warrior must know how and when and if to risk their own life....

S Susan Maginn

O Maker of Order

O Maker of Order and Shaper of Beauty, we are grateful for the world in which we live. Instill in us that sense of awe, that we may walk with humble hearts, open to the beauty of all that surrounds us....

A Anne Mason

Teach Us to Remember Our History

Spirit of Life, God of Many Names, Source of Hope, We come together at the end of another week, some worn down by struggles of health, of home, or work. May we be a community that makes space for the sharing of joys and sorrows, angers and hopes, with grace and forbearance. In our nation’s life,...

J Jude Geiger

We Remember

Spirit of life and love, God of memory, mourning and history, Bring before us the truths of serving in war Bring before us— In compassion and in gratitude— Those who faced violence so we may know peace We remember these sacrifices through monuments We remember these names, carved into stone...

H Heather K Janules

In Mourning for the Children

We are broken, O God. We are broken. We gather in vigil again to mourn the death of school children and school teachers. Death and violence are the reasons that draw us together in sorrow, in anger, in anxious grief and loss....

D Douglas Taylor

Power Prayer

Spirit of Life, I have witnessed a loud love, an out-loud love, that challenges me. I did not recognize it at first— the rumble of an ocean I had long been under. But here it is right now and it looks just like the whole world could be. It doesn’t play nice; why should it when nice has only ever...

B Becky Brooks

A Prayer for Desert Times

The journeys of our lives are never fully charted. There come to each of us deserts to cross—barren stretches—where the green edge on the horizon may be our destination, or an oasis on our way, or a mirage that beckons only to leave us lost. When fear grips the heart, or despair bows the head,...

M Margaret A Keip

The Blessing Is Always Here

Spirit who is all things to us; Presence in which we live and move and breathe and have our being: What a gift to be here together, sharing our food, our spirit, ourselves! We ask no blessing upon this food, nor upon ourselves, because the blessing is always here, if we but pay attention....

E Elizabeth L Greene

A Celtic Lorica

Spirit of all blessing, be with us in the ordinariness of our days. May hope’s light guard us and keep cynicism from our hearts. May the energy of laughter build endurance for the dark times of our lives. May creativity’s vision grant the possibility of seeing old relationships with new eyes.

M Maureen Killoran

Ultimate Grace

Ultimate Grace, the heart of every matter, in every perfection and imperfection, in all senses and: tenses, in moments of every right and wrong, presenting choices to inquiring hearts. You are in the purpose and the journey of mishaps. You are in moments of understanding and misunderstanding. We...

M Ma Theresa "Tet" Gustilo Gallardo

Loving in Fear

Spirit of Life, God of Love, grant me the courage to love boldly in the face of my greatest fears. Grow me in your wisdom and let my actions speak when silence threatens justice and indifference disturbs peace....

S Stephen M Shick

Honoring the Deeper Voices

Spirit of Life, Today, the advertising tells us what to buy for mom, instead help us listen to and honor the deeper voices. Today, let us honor all of those who have made this world possible for us. Those who did the hard work of building a better world for future generations. Today, let us honor...

E Evin Carvill Ziemer

A Blessing for Planned Parenthood

God of many names and mystery beyond all our naming, Our time together today is a precious gift. We gather in the name of justice in love and service to a higher good. We gather in hope for a world where oppression of any kind is challenged. We gather to spark the fire of commitment lit in every...

D Daniel Chesney Kanter

Breathe with Me

Breathe with me Breathe with me—the breath of life Inhale, Inspire, Inspiration, Ruacḥ, Pneuma, Spiritus, the Holy Spirit the many names for breath. Breathe with me. Know that with each breath we take in molecules of air that were breathed by every person that ever lived. Breathe with me, and...

M Matt Alspaugh

Claim Us As Your Own

Gracious God, From Isaiah we hear you say, “Do not fear. I have called you by name. You are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you. And when you walk through fire, you will not be burned, and the flames shall not consume...

S Susan Maginn

Prayer for Standing Rock

Spirit of Life, We hold in our hearts the peaceful protestors of all tribes and faiths who are gathered at Standing Rock, protecting sacred water and land. They ask for respect, they ask for our government to help protect their sacred lands and the water that sustains their lives....

D Diana Smith

The Promise and the Practice: Pastoral Prayer #1

Spirit of Life and Love, God of Many Names, we gather in awareness of the opportunity before us as Unitarian Universalists. We have been given many chances before today to heal the wounds of the racism and oppression that have beset our denomination for many years, and held us back from realizing...

C Connie Simon

Prayer before a Circle

I give thanks for all it takes to be a healing presence, and also how simple it is. I confess that I want to be seen as (especially) good (especially) right (especially) useful. I confess that I'm still learning an artful skill....

S Samantha Gupta

The Symphony of Life

Eternal Spirit, from whom all things come and to whom all things return, We gather this morning in community seeking to live in the harmony. Each of us here gathered lives out our lives knowing our own story, our own private melody. Life – at its highest and its sweetest – is a sharing. Life is...

D Douglas Taylor

Blessing for Lay Leaders

As we begin a new year together, let us offer our blessing to the lay leaders who invest their time and care in the well-being of this congregation. If you help lead a ministry here, I invite you to rise in body, in spirit, in all the ways that we do. And I invite all of us to enter a spirit of...

L Lindasusan Ulrich

Each Breath

Loving God, We pause in the stillness to rest for a moment, to quiet ourselves so that we can feel what stirs within us. Each breath draws us closer to the pulse of life and with each exhalation we make room for something new. May we find in this gathering the comfort of those who care. May we...

L Leaf Seligman

Too often, God, we have ignored you

Shall we pray? Too often, God, we have ignored you. We have lived as though you didn't matter. We have denied the new life that you would have us embrace; we have perpetuated that which depletes life. Forgive us for hesitating when we knew action was the needed response. Forgive us also for...

A Amy McKenzie Quinn

Access Litany Prayer: A Responsive Reading

Spirit of Love, we pray for all your people. For people who are blind and cannot see and for those who can see but are blind to people around them Spirit, in your mercy, help us touch each other....

B Bonnie Vegiard

As the Rain Has Washed our Land

As the rain has washed our land this season, may we enter this morning with hearts washed clean of complaints or bitterness. May we begin this morning by intentionally relaxing the tensions we carry, the strains of those things we cannot abandon, the responsibilities of our lives. As the sun has...

M Maureen Killoran

Prayer for St. Louis after Ferguson

Spirit of Life that flows through our hearts like a never ending stream, On this blessed day we are filled with gratitude to find ourselves together once again in this sacred time and place, unified in our diversity by the hope and compassion in our hearts, as well as the sadness and...

K Krista Taves

The Prayer

Holy Unnamable One, Wholly Unknowable One, Again we have read the story. Again we have sung the tale. Again we wonder at our place in it. Is it ours to tell? How can it beours to live?...

L Lisa Doege

A Web of Holy Relationships

Spirit of Life, Who draws us together in a web of holy relationships, Make your presence known with us and in us and among us. Remind us that we are not alone in history, Ignite us with the courage of the living tradition. Remind us that we are not alone in entering the future, Anchor us with...

L Lyn Cox

A Prayer of New Beginning

In the spirit of community and a sense of purpose in our ministry: Let us commence the discovery of our strengths, our concerns, our grief and our joy. Let this journey be one of love, authenticity and reverence....

L Laurie Stuart

Spirit and Body Joined Together

Take a moment to breathe into the silence. Our breath is always with us. We can always come back to the breath, our anchor, our grounding, our freedom. Spirit of life and love, we are here not just minds and hearts, but bodies too. We human beings, spirit and body joined together. On this day we...

L Laura Horton-Ludwig