Prayer of Turning at the New Year

Spirit of Life, Source of Love, you who know our struggles and failures as well as we know them ourselves, be with us as we enter into this time of reflection. Give us the courage to travel through a moral inventory of our lives, to notice the places where we have missed opportunities to live our...

L Lyn Cox

Ours Are the Hands That Must Do Your Work

We are the ones who must comfort the sick and lift up the poor. We are the ones who must challenge traditions to bring about justice. Strengthen our resolve, we pray, to live out our faith as doers of good works.

S Sydney K Wilde

Prayer for a Time in Need of Empathy

God, teach us to consider also how others experience the world. To understand how my reality and their reality are different and yet they share qualities of the same core desire. ...

T Tanya Cothran

Blessing for Lay Leaders

Let us offer our blessing to the lay leaders who invest their time and care in the well-being of this congregation.

L Lindasusan Ulrich

Power Prayer

this love always protects always trusts always hopes always perseveres

B Becky Brooks

The Deepest Prayers of Our Heart

We speak the deepest prayers of our hearts in different ways, knowing that what it means for them to be answered will look and feel different for each of us.

K Krista Taves

A Prayer of Risk

A prayer invoking our courage to engage in the spiritual practice of risk for justice, with lovingcare, in and for the beloved community.

T Tamara Lebak

A Prayer for the Gulf Coast

Our hearts commend us to the sacrificial work of restoration and refuge: to find what is lost and heal what is broken and be help and healing to the hurting.

N Naomi King

Everybody's In

The kingdom of heaven is like the Pride Parade, where all are welcome and love wins.

L Lori Walke

Prayer to Mother Earth

Mother Earth, in gratitude and humility, we ask that you hold us and sustain us, as we strive to live in connection with you and all life.

L Lucy Bunch

A Prayer for Humility

Spirit of Love, you find the gentle words to speak life into me and hold me when all else around me and in me feels broken.

A Alex Jensen

A Prayer for Desert Times

The journeys of our lives are never fully charted. There come to each of us deserts to cross—barren stretches—where the green edge on the horizon may be our destination, or an oasis on our way, or a mirage that beckons only to leave us lost. ...

M Margaret A Keip