See how the winds ...

J Jennifer Pratt-Walter


What if you thought of it ...

L Lynn Ungar


Tomorrow, fewer people will sicken and die if we keep our distance today. Imagine if all difficult choices had such clear and obvious results.

M Marcia Stanard


My church is a ring of alders tilting ...

J Jennifer Pratt-Walter

Winter Solstice

In the universe there moves a Wild One whose gestures alter earth’s axis toward love.

R Rebecca Parker


The tangled things will always be here, in this moment I am living through, right now, whatever comes after.

D Dawn Star Sarahs-Borchelt

Hope, Not Nearly There

Hope is a singular thing, firm when it's found - a hand reached out. A word to the marrow.

D David Breeden

Hope, Nearly Not There

Hope is fine-grained,/ like lavender gone to seed. Gossamer, a moth’s wings. There’s no weight / called hope.

D David Breeden


(Ahmedabad, India, 2001) ...

M Marta I Valentín