There Is No Easier Way

What matters more is that we are willing to live our lives in the shape of what is being asked, not hope that what we are asked to do will fit the shape of our lives.

E Elizabeth Nguyen

Marginal Wisdom

Reader 1:  They teach us to read in black and white. ...

L Leslie Takahashi

For the Sake of the Common Good

When we study history, we learn that freedom is rarely freedom for all, and is more often freedom for some at the expense of others. At times, we’re called to surrender some of our freedom in order to serve The Whole.

E Erika A. Hewitt and Becky Brooks

All of Us Love Poorly Sometimes

All of us love poorly at some point, and infusing our community with ownership and repentance is contagious. Say you’re sorry. Ask forgiveness. This leads not only to stronger relationships but to better humans, and this world needs better humans.

J Jen Hatmaker

Connection as Resistance

In her 1975 theological treatise Suffering, German liberation theologian Dorothee Söelle* examines the ways that suffering can knit humans beings closer together, and can draw us more fully into the process of loving. She uses the term apatheia, “the inability to suffer,” to describe the...

E Erika A. Hewitt

Hello, My Name Is . . .

I am part of a religious community because we promise not to reduce each other to terrible labels, not to strip each other of our humanity, not to ascribe levels of worthiness to one another.

N Naomi King

All Water Is Connected

All the water on earth is really one water, continuously flowing through the biosphere. Even if we get water from our kitchen tap, that water has been around the world on its journey. All water is connected, and connects all of life. ...

M Myke Johnson

Spiritual Theft

Don’t try to steal someone else’s culture. Do your own spiritual work. Research the stories of your ancestors. Trace the journeys that brought them to the land where you now reside. Learn the stories of their brokenness and their connections.

M Myke Johnson

Extremists of Justice

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish truth. Through violence you murder the hater, but...

M Martin Luther King, Jr.

In This Delicate Turning

I am running out of truths to tell and ways of saying them. It is time now to keep this beloved faith from fracturing, moreover, in this delicate turning let us remember that before anything, ante todos, somos sere humanos, we are human beings who have chosen to travel together.

M Marta I Valentín

Easter and Ostara

Easter gets its name from the Teutonic goddess of spring and the dawn. The earth reawakens to a burgeoning new season of life-giving, life-affirming gifts.

A Adrianne Ross

Standing with Love

If you're new to Unitarian Universalism, one of the things you will learn is that we are extremely proud of our history. In truth, our history is full of great things but it also has its share of shameful moments and embarrassing episodes. But we can trace our history and list the myriad ways that...

T Thom Belote

Learning from Daffodils

When you look at a daffodil there are lots of things you notice (note: you can ask and get responses). Almost no one ever notices the little withered brown bit at the base of the flower. ...

R Ruth E Gibson