UU Hanukkah Blessings

We honor the great mystery of the universe, the source of all, which deems everything sacred by its power to unite us, and gives us the radiance that we bring forth together as we kindle the Hanukkah lights. ...

L Lorenzo Bassman

Do Not Fear Agitation

Do not fear the movements that decenter what you always thought permanent.

T Tania Márquez

A Blessing for the Divorced or Separated

For all who left a relationship in order to save your heart, may your own heartbeat be your blessing. Its rhythm, its particular kinships, its unique rhythm. May you know your own heart as God's blessing... May you walk toward more love, knowing that you walk squarely in God's sight and with God's blessing.

M Meg Riley

Wherever We Go, We Go in Love

Spirit of love and of life, be with our children as they journey out from us. Fill their hearts with courage and strength and tenderness. Help them tell their truth about who they are and all they see. Help us to listen in a way that lets them speak.

J Jen Crow

May The Waters Gathered Here

May the Waters gathered here remind us of the waters that nourished us before we were born and continue to give us sustenance on our life journeys.

S Susan Karlson

Blessing for Community Friendship Feast

Spirit of kindness and compassion...Touch this gathering with tenderness so that we may be refreshed anew by the grace that encompasses this evening [or "morning"].

N Nancee Campbell

Rainbow Flag Dedication

Let this flag be a symbol of hope, a blanket of protection, a cape of power and a standard of our conviction.

A Alex Swift

May You Never Thirst

May you know the spiritual thirst that keeps the soul searching, and gives the sweetness of new discovery to faithful followers of spiritual paths of all kinds.

E Erica Baron

Incarnational Beatitudes

Blessed are the homeless and those who beg for spare change, for they will inherit the house of the Lord.

N Nicole Anderson

Got Room for Love?

We carry bags with us throughout the week for many reasons. Would any of you like to take our congregation's love with you to school, or to work, or on your travels? You name it and we'll take it from our heart supply and toss it in your bag!

E Erika A. Hewitt

For All the Mothers

For all the mothers and mother figures... For all the communities that mother and for all who depend on the Great Mother. You are held — and beloved.

L Lindasusan Ulrich

Choose to Bless the World

Your gifts—whatever you discover them to be—can be used to bless or curse the world. The choice to bless the world will draw you into community... None of us alone can change the world. Together—that is another possibility, waiting.

R Rebecca Parker

Body Blessing

May you be blessed with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. May you be guided by compassion, truth, justice and love. May you find rest on the journey, always remembering where you came from...

L Lisa Bovee-Kemper

Blessings of the Elements

By blessing you, we celebrate the wonder of your birth, the sacredness of your life, and the love that has always and will always hold you.

B Bill Neely

Blessings for the Beginning

May we find the right people to do the right things as we go. May we discover what we need along the way. And may we remember to stop and marvel at the magic of each moment as it floats by.

K Kari Kopnick