Centering Myself

I come from a long line of strong Black women. My grandmother used to share stories about how she caused “trouble” in town when a white man hired her to put up the displays in his store window. At that time, all the Black women in town worked as domestics in the homes of white ladies, or in the...

R Rayla D. Mattson

The Deep Well of Black Lives

We will ring out the ghosts of those lost in the middle passages, lost to the whips and depravation, lost to the lynches and the bullets, lost to the prisons and the chains of racism.

K Kristen L. Harper

A Story Inherited

“Not belonging here” is a story I have inherited, an American inheritance. I am a free person born into an unfree place.

J Jabari S. Jones

Prayer for Weary Times

Holy One, our hearts are weary; are tired; and are breaking. Our hearts are stretching as they are pulled and pushed, bruised and battered by all the suffering and brokenness and pain. ...

M Margaret Weis

Black Women Worry More

Most married women fret about a tardy husband: black women like myself worry more.

R Rosemary Bray McNatt

All of Us Need All of Us to Make It

Unitarian Universalists believe that all of us need all of us to make it; this is why we are in solidarity with the movement for Black lives today and every day.

T Theresa I. Soto and Megan Foley

Visitors in the Struggle for Racial Justice

No matter what tactics and methods racial justice activists use, the general response of society will be a collective head-shaking and tsk-tsk-ing — because what people are actually complaining about are not the specific tactics that are being used in the struggle for racial justice, but that the...

A Aisha Ansano

Bearing Witness

Bearing witness is an act of compassion, empathy, solidarity and justice. It is a holy act. Humanity is at its most powerful and transformative when we experience the truth of another.

H Heide Cottam

The Offensiveness of My Pain

The offensiveness of my pain is why we have to remind America over and over again that Black Lives Matter: because if you lack empathy for our tears it’s likely that you lack respect for our lives.

S Shane Paul Neil