Blessing for Lay Leaders

Blessing for Lay Leaders

Lindasusan Ulrich

 As we begin a new year together, let us offer our blessing to the lay leaders who invest their time and care in the well-being of this congregation. If you help lead a ministry here, I invite you to rise in body, in spirit, in all the ways that we do. And I invite all of us to enter a spirit of prayer or quiet reflection.

Spirit of Generosity, we’re grateful for these leaders who give of themselves to make this community strong. 

Spirit of Connection, bless them in their work of reminding us of our highest aspirations. 

Spirit of Encouragement, orient them always towards manifesting love.

Spirit of Life, keep them grounded in practices that nourish them in this sacred work.

May the fruits of their dedication to this congregation return to them a thousandfold.