Loving and Responsible Action

We have come together to share our deepest concerns, speaking and singing words of inspiration and hope. We have committed ourselves to do what we can to ease the burdens of those who suffer, to stand for decency and compassion. We have pledged to work for a more wholesome environment for us and for...

R Robert F Kaufmann

In the Rising Sun Today

Let us do together what we cannot do alone: roll away the stones that close our hearts.

J Joel Miller

As We Go Forward

As we go forward into this frightening, exhilarating, confusing, miraculous world, may we offer our comfort to the afflicted our love to those who are lonely and our wish for all to be safe.

C Cheryl Block

Until We Meet Again

May all our hours together be blessed as this one has been: by open-hearted sharing, learning from one another, and making beautiful harmonies together. And may we greet everyone we encounter with the same acceptance and grateful kinship, until we meet again. Blessed be.

A Amy Zucker Morgenstern