The Lifelong Goal

To act so that our empathy is evident wherever we go—that's the object.

D David Hicks MacPherson

Awesome and gracious God

Awesome and gracious God -- you who are the power that brings us to life and the spirit that sustains us -- forgive us for being less than we might be. Guide us to become what is in our power to become, in your service....

P Polly Leland-Mayer

Blessed by Our Connections

We leave blessed by our connections to one another, to the spirit of life. Walk lightly that you see the life that is below your feet. Spread your arms as if you had wings and could dance through the air. Feel the joy of the breath in your lungs and the fire in your heart. Live to love and be a...

S Susan Karlson


After the words, a quiet; after the songs, a silence; after the crowd only the memory recalls the gathering. Peace and justice have need of you after the words, the music, and the gathering. God grant you the depth for dedication to justice. God grant you the will to be an apostle of peace. Amen.

M Max A Coots

May the love that gives to life its beauty

May the love that gives to life its beauty, the reverence that gives to life its sacredness, and the purposes that give to life its deep significance be strong within each of us and lead us into ever deepening relationships with all of life. Amen.

G George G Brooks

And now may we go forth

And now may we go forth in the certainty of faith, in the knowledge of love, and in the vision of hope. And in our going, may we be blessed with all good things on this day and forevermore. Amen.

H Harold E Babcock

In this community

In this community we give and we receive. May we go forth, now, to share the bounty of our love.

S Sydney K Wilde

That which is worthy of doing

That which is worthy of doing, create with your hands. That which is worthy of repeating, speak with a clear voice. That which is worthy of remembering, hold in your hearts. And that which is worthy of living, go and live it now.

S Steve J Crump

There Are Miles Behind You

There are miles behind you And many more ahead. As you journey on toward wholeness May all that is good and true guide your way May the joy of love lighten every step And the miracle that is life be ever in your sight.

A Andrew Pakula

Take Courage Friends

Take courage friends. The way is often hard, the path is never clear, and the stakes are very high. Take courage. For deep down, there is another truth: you are not alone.

W Wayne B Arnason

Chalice Extinguishing

Ours is a communion borne of words and welcome. Our communion finds expression in caring and commitment to our highest ideals. Our communion lives on in our hearts though this sacred hour is ended.

R Robin F. Gray

As We Go Forward

As we go forward into this frightening, exhilarating, confusing, miraculous world, may we offer our comfort to the afflicted our love to those who are lonely and our wish for all to be safe.

C Cheryl Block

Worship need not cease

Worship need not cease. It can echo in our lives, in our words, in our deeds, in our moods, in our dreams. Carry worship with you wherever you may go. Be a blessing in your going out and your coming in.

G Gordon B McKeeman

May the love that overcomes all differences

May the love that overcomes all differences, that heals all wounds, that puts to flight all fears, that reconciles all who are separated, Be in us and among us now and always. Amen.

F Frederick E Gillis

Bring Happiness

And now we take our leave. Before we gather here again-- may each of us bring happiness into another's life; may we each be surprised by the gifts that surround us; may each of us be enlivened by constant curiosity -- And may we remain together in spirit til the hour we meet again.

B Barbara Cheatham

Let us go forth into the world

Let us go forth into the world through a door of hope for the future, remembering these words by Martin Luther: "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." So may it be with us.

M Marjorie Newlin Leaming

Only one thing required of us

There is, finally, only one thing required of us: that is, to take life whole, the sunlight and shadows together; to live the life that is given us with courage and humor and truth. We have such a little moment out of the vastness of time for all our wondering and loving....

K Kendyl R Gibbons

Closing Words for Seasonal Transitions

May you know fully and deeply the blessings of each of your heart's seasons The inward turning of Winter Springtime's lush renewal The effortless, steady growth of summer And autumn's rich harvest May your passage from season to season be blessed— Eased by hands to hold, and by the light of love...

A Andrew Pakula

To Do Is To Be

To laugh is to risk appearing the fool. To weep is to risk appearing sentimental. To reach out for another is to risk exposing our true self. To place our ideas—our dreams—before the crowd is to risk loss. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk despair. To try is to...

A Anonymous

May Our Lives

May our lives be reflections of the beauty, peace, and joy that is possible in the world, and may the love we find in this place sustain us as we go our separate ways.

C Chris Rothbauer

Let Our Lives Be a Prayer

Let our lives be a prayer That waters dry souls Mends broken hearts Refuses to be terrorized Seeks this world’s beauty And carries us through its storms.

J Joel Miller

With faith in the creative powers of life

The Quakers speak not of a "worship service" but of their Meeting -- hence this benediction: With faith in the creative powers of life, With hope for the future of life in this world, With love for all others who share this life with us, Let us go forward together in peace. Our meeting has ended;...

L Lindsay Bates

May the prayers of our hearts

May the prayers of our hearts and the songs of our lips shared in this holy hour of worship, be with us now in all the days to come. Amen.

P Phyllis B O'Connell

As far as our love flows

As far as our love flows; as far as our hope grows; as far as our yearning goes; we are no farther one from another.

A Annie Foerster

Let us sing the magic of imagination

Let us sing the magic of imagination by which we know one another and learn the lives of eras gone by. Let us sing the magic of creation by which we build the world of our soul and teach its wisdom to others, young and old. Let us sing the magic of our lives together, holding and shaping by the...

S Susan L Van Dreser

Through our temporary lives

Through our temporary lives the great currents of history run. Let us keep the channels open and free so not to obstruct purposes greater than our own. Let us keep our minds set upon the high goals that here bind us into one sharing fellowship of loving hearts. Amen.

C Carl G Seaburg

The Good Fridays of Our Lives

The Good Fridays of our lives come unbidden and unexpected Bringing the winter of despair and the death of dreams and hope Only love has the power to mend what has been broken A love that brings healing to our wounds A love that offers hope when we have none A love that creates unity where there ...

A Andrew Pakula

I Send You Out

I send you out now, to share yourself with the world May its promise and complexity set your mind ablaze May you hold fast to what your life has taught you May you question everything And when you have changed the world, And the world has changed you, May you return again, to this place, And shar...

K Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson

The song is best sung with others

The universe sings no less because time and space wear us thin. The music calls us to recognize our limitations, to recognize that the song is best sung with others.

M Manish Mishra-Marzetti

In the Rising Sun Today

We all know loss and pain. Let none of it divide us. In the rising sun today Let us do together what we cannot do alone: Roll away the stones that close our hearts.

J Joel Miller

Now may the love of truth guide you

Now may the love of truth guide you, the warmth of love hold you, and the spirit of peace bless you, this day and in the days to come. Amen.

J Jane E Mauldin

Church History Service Closing

As we bring to a close our tribute to the journey we have made through the years, let us be mindful of the enduring bond that keeps us together. Let us remember those who went before and paved the road for us to travel....

P Priscilla Murdock

May the love that is the doctrine...

May the love that is the doctrine of this church be also the strength and the spirit of this congregation and of our individual lives.

K Kenneth R Warren

To pass the peace

To pass the peace is a revolutionary act. It means to trust the outsider we fear, to wish well those who have hurt us; and to forgive at last ourselves. To offer the blessing to those around you is to love your neighbor and yourself and to be at peace with God. Pax vobiscum. Peace. Peace.

C Clarke Dewey Wells

Peace Making Benediction

Every week we gather in this beautiful space to find peace. Each week words and music offer and celebrate peace with the hope of instilling it in us. Now, take the peace you have found here, back out into the world with you. Renewed in our faith and inspired to act, Let us be the peacemakers the...

S Samuel A Trumbore

A Benediction for New Member Sunday

In this religious community we reach back into the past to honor those who came before us and those who have given much so that we may be here today. And we reach forward with hands of welcome to embrace those who have newly joined our Fellowship....

T Thomas Rhodes

Be Revered

Be revered In thee the faithful hope that still looks forward, And keeps the life-spark warm of future action Beneath the cloak of patient sufferance.

M Margaret Fuller

Cooperation for Human Creativity

Love our Earth. Take action to consume less, use less energy, respect water; And be cooperative, collaborative and creative community – like the moss and the mushrooms. Our children’s lives depend on us.

D Denise Cawley

When we say, "Go now in peace"

When we say, "Go now in peace," we mean the peace that asks us to stop grasping after power over and the peace that demands that we live fully, that we love with a fierce love, that we hope with a bold hope, that we pray and sing and struggle....

A Amy McKenzie Quinn

May the blessings of life be upon us

And now may the blessings of life be upon us and upon this congregation. May the memories we gather here give us hope for the future. May the love that we share bring strength and joy to our hearts, and the peace of this community be with us until we meet again.

G Gary Kowalski

As we depart one from another

As we depart one from another, let our hearts be secure through every human season. Let our hearts be secure in seasons of anguish as in seasons of joy, in seasons of failure as in seasons of success, in seasons of uncertainty as in seasons of security....

J James A Hobart

To Water in Excelsis

To water in excelsis. In vino veritas. As the Son of Man (or, Jesus) came eating and drinking and made friends with the people of the earth regardless of social distinction or class, let us strive to do likewise in our own eating and drinking, thinking and speaking, living and acting....

R Richard M Fewkes

the strength we have gained

Into our world we commend our spirits: May the strength we have gained in this communal hour sustain us as we resume the work that is at hand. Source: Association Sunday 2009...

M Martha Kirby Capo

May Love Permeate

May love permeate your every heartbeat May faith guide your every step May truth and compassion be your Eternal travelling companions And may a deep, abiding Spirit rest joyously In your every waking wish And your every resting dream...

B Becca Reynolds

Ripples of Love

I know not where you are, Whether your soul is traveling the universal highway Or as I imagine, sitting at the left hand of God Being consulted about matters of consequence....

J Jay Wolin

When all is quiet and we are small and the night is dark

When all is quiet and we are small and the night is dark, may we hear the tender breathing of all who lie awake with us in fear, that together we may gather strength to live with love, and kindness, and confidence.

J Jane Ranney Rzepka

A New Song, a New Harmony

By our presence here with one another, Hearing the harmony that is the music of the spheres, May some of the harshness and discord of our human lives Be transmuted into music....

R Richard S. Gilbert

As we leave this community of the spirit

As we leave this community of the spirit, May we remember the difficult lesson That each day offers more things than we can do. May we do what needs to be done, Postpone what does not, And be at peace with what we can be and do. Therefore, may we learn to separate That which matters most And that...

R Richard S. Gilbert