The Pathway to Healing

Friends, thank you for your witness to all that exists on the margins; thank you for your commitment to hold yourselves and one other in great and steadfast love. Moving forward from this space, may we continue to nurture spiritual growth. May we continue to travel along the winding pathway to...

R Roddy Biggs

The Lifelong Goal

To act so that our empathy is evident wherever we go—that's the object.

D David Hicks MacPherson

Awesome and gracious God

Awesome and gracious God -- you who are the power that brings us to life and the spirit that sustains us -- forgive us for being less than we might be. Guide us to become what is in our power to become, in your service....

P Polly Leland-Mayer

Blessed by Our Connections

We leave blessed by our connections to one another, to the spirit of life. Walk lightly that you see the life that is below your feet. Spread your arms as if you had wings and could dance through the air. Feel the joy of the breath in your lungs and the fire in your heart. Live to love and be a...

S Susan Karlson

We receive fragments of holiness

We receive fragments of holiness, glimpses of eternity, brief moments of insight. Let us gather them up for the precious gifts that they are, and, renewed by their grace, move boldly into the unknown.

S Sarah York

Cheered by Our Community

Cheered by our community, blessed by our covenant, uplifted in mind, and renewed in spirit, go forth with courage and in peace to meet the days to come. Amen.

B Burton D Carley

Between the dawn and dusk

Between the dawn and dusk of our being, let us be brave and loving. In our little passage through the light let us sustain and forward the human venture— in gentleness, in service, and in thought. Amen.

C Carl G Seaburg

May we never rest

May we never rest until every child of earth in every generation is free from all prisons of the mind and of the body and of the spirit; until the earth and the hills and the seas shall dance, and the universe itself resound with the joyful cry: "Behold! I am!"...

J John Cummins

Extinguishing the Chalice

We extinguish the chalice here that it might glow gently in our hearts. May it light your path as you leave this place. May it guide your way until we are together again.

M Martha L Munson

To blanket the world

One snowflake is a marvel, a miracle; Four snowflakes, five, and the kids begin to run around in the yard One hundred and the cars start slowing down; One thousand, can see where this is going....

E Erik Walker Wikstrom

Prayer for a Drop in the Bucket

Blessed are the droplets, for they shall fill the bucket to overflowing. Blessed are they who know there is a bucket, for they shall be filled with hope. Blessed are they who can see beyond their lifetimes, for they shall walk in faith that their work will not be in vain....

A Amy Zucker Morgenstern

These Hands Connect Us to One Another

Become aware of the hands that you are holding: their warmth, texture, and weight. As an infant, these same hands reached out for the nourishment of milk. As a child, these hands shakily wrote a name on paper for the first time....

A Amy Bowden Freedman and Keith Kron

An ending, or merely prelude to more glorious beginnings?

We have reached the end of this time For the gathering of memory And for letting the imagination play with future possibilities. We have enjoyed magic moments and edified each other. Shall it be concluded, then? Or will this adventure, now commenced, continue?— Our separate paths converging,...

M Michael A Schuler

Go in peace, embraced by the light

Go in peace, embraced by the light and warmth of our gathering. Go in love, ready again to struggle on. Go in beauty, shining forth like a lamp for freedom. Amen!

S Sarah Lammert

Cherish Your Doubts

Cherish your doubts, for doubt is the servant of truth. Question your convictions, for beliefs too tightly held strangle the mind and its natural wisdom. Suspect all certitudes, for the world whirls on—nothing abides. Yet in our inner rooms full of doubt, inquiry and suspicion, let a corner be...

M Michael A Schuler

Mindful of our highest aspirations

Mindful of our highest aspirations, Bound by common faith and purpose, And, yet, beginning with ourselves as we are, Let us take one more step, together, in our unending quest for dignity, justice and love. Amen.

R Rebecca A Edmiston-Lange

Extinguishing the Chalice

We extinguish this flame, a mere wisp of matter in process, almost as insubstantial as the thought of it. Yet our civilization has harnessed the power of such a flame to drive and shape a new world. So may it be with the power of our thoughts, that in truth and love they may drive and shape a new...

R Rolfe Gerhardt

All Rivers Run to the Sea

It starts with a drop, Then a trickle... A burble, a rush of water, bubbling toward its destination; And finally the wide, endless sea. All rivers run to the sea. Today you brought water Poured it into a common bowl. Though our experiences have differed, These waters mingle, signifying our common...

K Kayle Rice


As we leave this hallowed place, may our feet remember its feel, So that wherever we walk, we know ourselves to be on hallowed ground. May we know that we are kin with every soul, every star, every stone and leaf of grass. And may our words be gentle and our touch be kind. Blessed be.

A Amy Zucker Morgenstern

The Days of Awe Begin with Us

The Days of Awe begin with us tonight. May the next ten days be days of reflection, introspection, and peace. May we prepare ourselves for the changes in the year to come. May it be a good year. May it be a healthy year. May it be a year of peace for all of us, all around the globe....

D Debra Haffner

Feel the truth in the depth of our being

We have gathered here today to feel the truth in the depth of our being and to think on all that is most righteous and holy. Let us go forth to act in concert with those thoughts and feelings. Blessed be.

C Carol Ann Huston

When your heart is torn asunder

Go in peace. Hold in your heart the certainty That the spirit of life is with you always. When your heart is torn asunder Or when you soar with sweet joy, You are never alone, never apart, From the spirit that resides within us, That guides our lives and cherishes us always. Take comfort. Blessed...

E Enid A. Virago

Go now in peace

Go now in peace. Deeply regard each other. Truly listen to each other. Speak what each of you must speak. Be ready in any moment to disarm your own heart, and always live as if a realm of love had begun. So be it. Blessed be. Amen.

B Barbara Hamilton-Holway

Much of ministry is a benediction

Much of ministry is a benediction— A speaking well of each other and the world— A speaking well of what we value: honesty love forgiveness trust A speaking well of our efforts— A speaking well of our dreams. This is how we celebrate life: Through speaking well of it, Living the benediction,...

S Susan Manker-Seale

We have a calling in this world

We have a calling in this world: We are called to honor diversity, To respect differences with dignity, And to challenge those who would forbid it. We are people of a wide path. Let us be wide in affection And go our way in peace. Amen.

J Jean M Rickard

You are in the story of the world

You are in the story of the world. You are the world coming to know itself. May you trust that all you will ever say or do Belongs in the story of the world.

E Ean Huntington Behr

May You Be Filled

May you be filled with the blessings of this covenanted community. May you carry them with you as you depart from here. May you discover the places in the world where these blessings are needed. May you have the courage to share them....

E Eric Williams

Be About the Work

May we see all as it is, and may it all be as we see it. May we be the ones to make it as it should be, For if not us, who? If not now, when?...

A Andrea Hawkins-Kamper

Loving and Responsible Action

We have come together to share our deepest concerns, speaking and singing words of inspiration and hope. We have committed ourselves to do what we can to ease the burdens of those who suffer, to stand for decency and compassion....

R Robert F Kaufmann

Go in peace. Live simply

Go in peace. Live simply, at home in yourself. Be just in your word, just in deed. Remember the depth of your own compassion. Do not forget your power in the days of your powerlessness. Do not desire with desire to be wealthier than your peers, and never stint your hand of charity. Practice...

M Mark L. Belletini

As we part now one from another

As we part now one from another, let these be our thoughts: If that which is most holy lies within the human person, and if the greatest power in the world shines flickering and uncertain from each individual heart, then it is easy to see the value of human associations dedicated to nurturing tha...

E Eileen B Karpeles

May our wisdom show itself

Now may our wisdom show itself in compassion and understanding; and may the fruits of the spirit be apparent in our lives.

P Philip Randall Giles

Loving and Responsible Action

We have come together to share our deepest concerns, speaking and singing words of inspiration and hope. We have committed ourselves to do what we can to ease the burdens of those who suffer, to stand for decency and compassion....

R Robert F Kaufmann

Blessed with Questions

Some came here to be blessed with answers in a tumultuous world. Let us hope too, however, that many of us have been blessed with questions to direct us with a clarity of mind to steer our logic towards kindness and justice always.

M Ma Theresa "Tet" Gustilo Gallardo

Four Element Blessing

May the firmness of the earth be yours. May the flow of the water be yours. May the freedom of the air be yours. May the fierceness of the fire be yours. May all of the gifts of this life, The Below and the Above, Be with you now and remain with you always.

E Eric Williams

Our Grief Is a Holy Thing

Our grief is a holy thing. It is that proof that another life touched ours in a profound way. It is the mark of love, the mark of connection, and the mark of a life well lived. We will mourn, we will cry, we will miss (Name)....

T Tracie Barrett-Welser

Go in peace, speak the truth

Go in peace, speak the truth, give thanks each day. Respect the earth and her creatures, for they are alive like you. Care for your body; it is a wondrous gift. Live simply. Be of service. Be guided by your faith and not your fear. Go lightly on your path. Walk in a sacred manner. Amen.

G Gary Kowalski

Majesty of Creation

If we would but allow the majesty of creation to be, it would bless us. If we would incorporate the myriad aspects of creation instead of trying to incarcerate them, the war would end. If we could accept ourselves, maybe then we would accept others. If all these questions add up to confusion, all...

S Stephan R Papa

Be a Branch of the Tree of Life

Our eyes and minds turn now toward the ordinary. Leaving this space made sacred by our presence, take with you at least some seed of understanding, hope and courage and drop it into the confusion of the world....

N Norman V Naylor

The Ship of State

The Greek philosopher Plato compared the human mind to a ship on which the sailors had mutinied and locked the captain and the navigator in a cabin. On such a ship, the sailors feel free to steer the ship as they like, but their direction is erratic. The goal of our religious education and youth...

J Jeff Liebmann

The Force of Truth

LEADER: Truth manifests itself with its own force. Let us ride on the power of its revelation with a heart ready to receive, to forgive, and to learn.Source: UU Congregation of Quezon City, Philippines...

M Ma Theresa "Tet" Gustilo Gallardo

What I Know

I do not know where we go when we die; And I do not know what the soul is Or what death is or when or why. What I know is that The song once sung cannot be unsung, And the life once lived cannot be unlived, And the love once loved cannot be unloved.

K Kenneth W. Collier

Into the sun-washed light

Let us go out now into the sun-washed light of the blossoming world. May the inner light of our own being add its bright blessing to the dappled days and enhance the glow of nightfall. Amen.

J Judy Welles

The Hand In Yours...

Invite the congregation to join hands. The hand in yours belongs to a person whose heart is sometimes tender, whose skin is sometimes thin, whose eyes sometimes fill with tears, and whose laughter is a beautiful sound....

E Erika A. Hewitt

If you are proud of this church

If you are proud of this church, become its advocate. If you are concerned for it future, share its message. If its values resonate deep within you, give it a measure of your devotion. This church cannot survive without your faith, your confidence, your enthusiasm. Its destiny, the larger hope,...

M Michael A Schuler

Our connection to each other and this community remains

Our time in this place may have ended, but our connection to each other and this community remains. Together may we walk the path of justice, speak words of love, live the selfless deed, trod gently upon the earth, and fill the world with compassion. Until we meet again, blessed be.

K Kathy A Huff

Closing Words by the Youth

We are never complete. We are never finished. We are always yet to be. May we always allow others to be, and help and enable each other to grow toward all that we are capable of becoming. Amen...

A Anonymous

How To Write Your Own Closing Words

If the “opening words” called people to worship and opened the time and space for this purpose, the closing words bring the service to an end and prepare people to return home. If the service has been thematically tied together, the words can be a summation, a parting thought, a final nugget for...

E Erik Walker Wikstrom

Taking the Light with Us

Each week as we gather we light a common chalice. We sing and celebrate, we pray and think. Then we each gather strength from the flame and go out from here, taking the light with us.

H Heather Christensen