Music Arises

spirit moves, soul births song and hope fills life and I am not alone

A Arlen Goff

Apart but Together

It is a new way, but an old way, that we come together in worship today.

C Cynthia Landrum

In Need of Healing

Instead of answers, here may you find safety for your questions. Instead of promises, may you find community for your struggles.

M Maureen Killoran

Open to Awe

ear, now, this invitation: To open yourself to surprise today and be ready to greet unexpected delights.

S Shari Woodbury


Each threshold offers an opportunity for change, for renewal, for transformation, from what we were and what we are to what we can be.

A Arlen Goff

Ever in Our Midst

Let us be thankful and full of praise to be in the company of those who came before, yet are ever in our midst.

K Karen G. Johnston

Learning to Love This World

We gather from every direction for another year of growth and depth; another year of learning to love this world.

M Molly Housh Gordon

On a Holy Night in 1969

Let us pay tribute to our movement ancestors, many of them transwomen of color who led the first rebellion that night.

O Otto O'Connor

A Protest and a Party

Bring your rainbow socks; Bring the emptiness you feel for our siblings gone too soon.

H Hannah Roberts Villnave


You are beautiful; every part of you beautiful just the way you are.

S Sharon Wylie