Teachers Everywhere

In every person we meet, especially those who cause us discomfort, we find an opportunity for us to grow, to learn.

A Amy Zucker Morgenstern

We All Emerge

We all emerge from, dwell within, are transformed by Love.

E Eric Williams


Like the cosmic dust following after a great Perseid meteor, we are the living remnants of time and all that has come to pass in its wake—briefly shining lights on the way to eternity. We are only visible to the naked eye for an instant. Take this moment to shine like the start dust you are. May...

M Mary Edes

Benediction after Communion

Beloved, as we depart this holy space nourished and renewed, let us live into our dreams and expand our circle of justice to encompass all of creation. Let us love one another and the earth, for as a body is animated through the relationships among its many parts, so God is made manifest among us...

M Mandie McGlynn