Chalice Lighting on Thresholds

We kindle this flame, Honoring the doorways in our souls: The windows through which we gaze at one another The balconies where we catch glimpses of sky The thresholds we stand on this morning Wondering, hoping, fearing, dreaming.  

F Florence Caplow

Across The Distance

Across the distance, the light from within me shines, sending love to all.

L Laura Thompson

Sacred Unknowing

Love is the only answer to everything and everyone in every moment.

A Amy Carol Webb

Grounding in Our Faith

In a time of uncertainty, when everything around us is changing constantly— ...

A Alice Anacheka-Nasemann

The Chalice of Communion Wine

Long ago freedom-loving people put flames upon a chalice as a symbol of freedom and sharing for all. As we light this flame, so we dedicate ourselves to freedom and sharing.

M Maryell Cleary

Work in Commitment and Love

As we light this chalice [this evening], may it serve to give us clarity of purpose and illumine our way as we set about doing the work of this congregation, in commitment, in cooperation, and in love.

V Viola Abbitt

A Fire in the Universe

Our chalice reminds us that all is connected even though the space of the void is vast, and our experience here is but a blip in the cosmic timeline.

S Shawn Trapp