The Nights of Midwinter

We light this chalice to remember the miracle of the oil that burned for eight days.

D Dawn Fortune

Cherishing Our Differences

We are all able In different ways With various strengths and talents. We are all holy Part of the universe And the interdependent web. We light this chalice Cherishing our differences And holding each other in sacredness.

C Cindy Fesgen

Give Thanks, Feel Alive, Know Love

As we light this flame, we remember friends and loved ones near and far and we give thanks. As the fire burns brightly, we open our minds and hearts to new ways of being and we feel alive....

L Leia Durland-Jones

With Love As My Guide

Amidst the swirl of life's challenges, fears, and even moments of crisis, I make time to gaze at the night sky to see the vastness there, And to remember that this moment in time is but a flicker— Not an inconsequential flicker— For what I do and think now does matter. My work, though, is to let...

C Cindy Terlazzo

Glow Hope

More than relic— Living symbol: Beacon to the bewildered illuminating refuge; Light of love calling to community; Signal of sacred mission. Shine now in the world, Set being ablaze, Kindle our courage, Ignite intuition. Spark our hearts to service. Glow hope.

M Mary Shelden

Memorial Chalice Lighting

May today bring forth transformation in ourselves—from grief, healing; from memory, wholeness; and from celebration, love.

M Mira Mickiewicz

Persistent Flame

We light this chalice to kindle a flame of warmth as a reminder of the connection that draws us in to a community that opens us up.

A Amy Brooks

A Vision for Unitarian Universalism in a Multicultural World

With humility and courage born of our history, we are called as Unitarian Universalists to build the Beloved Community where all souls are welcome as blessings, and the human family lives whole and reconciled. With this vision in our hearts and minds, we light our chalice. —“A vision for...

U UUA Leadership Council

Toward Repair Relationship

May this chalice light guide us toward the courageous and openhearted apology, toward repair of relationships in our lives.

J Joanna Lubkin

In Remembrance and In Hope

This is a house of reflection and contemplation, of joy and sorrow, friendship, sharing and laughter. We light this chalice in remembrance of what we have been and in the hope of what we may become.

D Dale Hudson

The Sacred Power of Justice

We light this flame To ignite the sacred power of justice. We light this flame So that it may be a beacon of hope In moments of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and the unknown....

J Jami A. Yandle

A Chalice Lighting for When Things Aren't Okay

My beloved people, I cannot pretend, And so I will not tell you, That everything is okay right now. That there is no reason to be angry, That you must be optimistic Or at peace. I cannot pretend these things, And so I won't tell them to you. But now our chalice is lit, And so all I ask in this...

M Molly Brewer

Until "All" Means All

The chalice, as a symbol of Unitarian Universalism, arose as a beacon of hope in an atmosphere of tyranny. The chalice arose as a sign of promise that the marginalized would neither be forgotten nor ignored, because they are beloved and precious from the perspective of the Holy. This morning, we...

E Erika A. Hewitt

The Chalice of Communion Wine

Long ago the chalice of communion wine was set apart for priests alone. We would have all share in the bounty of the earth: wind and milk, bread and meat, that none may go hungry. Long ago those who spoke their minds freely were put to death by fire. We would use fire to warm all bodies and light...

M Maryell Cleary

We light this chalice to honor our past

May we light this chalice to honor our past: for Jan Hus, burned at the stake for suggesting that the cup be shared by all; for our Service Committee's earliest days, when its logo enabled the persecuted to find a safe haven. May we light this chalice to endorse our present: for our commitment to...

G George G Brooks

Every Endeavor Begins With a First Step

Leader: Every endeavor begins with a first step, and encounters darkness and difficulty along the way. Response: We know the darkness of ignorance, of fear, and of tyranny. Leader: Yet we know the dawning of the light, the beginnings of hope, and the renewal of life....

C Charles F Flagg

T is for Turkey and Tofu

T... starts out with Turkey and with Tofu, and Together, H...reminds us of Happiness, may it grow beyond all measure. A...means All who are returning, a reunion in Fall, N...for Newcomers to our Fellowship, and hearty welcome to all! K...for Kind friends with whom we will share dinner, S... means...

M Maureen Killoran

Abundance Chalice Lighting

We light our chalice this morning, grateful for the love that we experience in this beloved community. May the flame light the way for all who seek such abundance.

D Dawn Skjei Cooley

We Take Time to Remember

We take time to remember The ancestor’s journey Lit by a thousand stars What the wilderness taught them “Blessed art thou oh lord” Trust in the path Celebrate with joy What might the wilderness teach us Where can we pray to our thousand stars To feel our own life’s blessings To know our own...

S Sara Eileen LaWall

So That We Might, Together, Shine

When we light our chalice everyone focuses on the flame. Yet it is the paraffin of the candle, the cotton of the wick, the potassium chlorate and sulfur of the match, and the oxygen in the air around us that makes that flame possible. As leaders we are not called to be a lone beacon on a hill.

E Erik Walker Wikstrom

Light is Returning

Around us, light is returning. It rekindles the spirit of life in the skeletons of trees. It brings forth new shoots from the soil. It wakes us from our winter slumber, and invites us to see what lies beyond. We light this chalice in the spirit of our Earth’s awakening and to reaffirm our...

K Kate McPhee

Why We're Here

Here, today, in this place and with these people, May we listen so that we can hear; May we hear so that we can feel; May we feel so that we can know; and May we know so that we can change ourselves and this world. May this chalice we light, Light our Way.

E Erik Walker Wikstrom

Chalice Lighting for Those Coming of Age

I light this chalice as a symbol of my commitment to the values of Unitarian Universalism. May its light be a beacon of hope to me, and to all who seek freedom, truth, and meaning in life.

K Kendyl R Gibbons

Fellow Sojourners

We gather together on this Christmas Eve as fellow sojourners looking for light, for hope, for peace, and for love. We gather as people from many backgrounds, many faiths, many cultures, and many spiritual paths. But as we light this chalice, we gather as one body looking to the Nativity for its...

D Dan Lambert

Our Community Knows No Boundaries

Our community knows no boundaries. We are not confined by the physical limits of walls Or, for that matter, Of what often Binds us, restricts us Holds us back. We are free-er than we know When we release ourselves And each other From expectations Of what is needed For true community. We are here...

N Nancy Reid-McKee

Many of the Past Generation and Many of Today...

Many of the past generation and many of today have found three abiding values in prayer: the quiet meditation on life, the reaching out toward the universal and the infinite, and the courageous facing of one's profoundest wishes....

S Sophia Lyon Fahs

May We Be Keepers of Thy Flame

Rise up, o flame, by thy light glowing. Show us beauty, vision, and joy. —Singing the Living Tradition, Hymn #362 O flaming chalice, symbol of a free faith, Burn with the holy oil of helpfulness and service. Spread warmth and light and hope; Warm hearts grown cold with indifference; Light dark...

R Richard S. Gilbert

O Light of Life

O light of life, Be kindled again in our hearts As we meet together this morning To celebrate the joy of human community Seeking a wholeness that extends beyond ourselves.

S Samuel A Trumbore

Does the Match Love the Wick

Does the match love the wick? Does the wick love the wax or the air it consumes? “Yes, without question.” To melt together, To burn together, To change together, The pieces of the candle must love each other. Though not necessarily wisely, and not necessarily well.

K Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson

In a World Filled With Hate

In a world filled with the darkness of ignorance, let us bring the light of reason In a world filled with the darkness of despair, may we share the light of hope In a world filled with the darkness of hate, let us shine the light of love...

D Douglas John Traversa

Chalice Lighting for a Service on the Separation of Church and State

This chalice burns with twin flames. The first flame burns for those who seek and defend the right to a free and responsible search for truth and meaning so that each person may live according to conscience in a democratically elected society. The second flame burns for the defenders of freedom,...

T Tracy Bleakney

Chalice Lighting for a Memorial Service

We light this flame As our fervent plea to brighten the dark corners of our hearts; We hold this flame For in it is the promise of warmth for souls grown cold in loss and despair; We kindle this light That we might continue to find comfort in its warmth; strength in its light; holiness in its...

S S. William Feiss

Vessels of Life-Saving Welcome

The flaming chalice was first used by the Unitarian Service Committee as a symbol of life-saving refuge for people fleeing persecution in Europe. As we light this chalice, we invoke the love that called people to put their lives at risk to save others. May we be vessels of life-saving welcome.

M Michael Tino

Justice, Meaning, and Purpose

We light this chalice remembering and honoring our own tradition and celebrating the rich diversity of traditions among us. As we search for justice, meaning, and purpose, may we remember that justice, meaning, and purpose live first in deeply listening to one another. This chalice lighting was...

D David Breeden

Within the Heart of the Flower

Within the heart of the flower, the fountain of beauty Within the heart of the community, a fire that warms and dances Within the heart of each of us, a spark of the spirit of life. Holy, holy, holy.

A Amy Zucker Morgenstern

Making Aspirations Real

We light this chalice, the symbol of our faith, knowing that this morning many others across this land and around the world are doing the same. For us and for our far-flung kin it is a light of peace, of justice, and of love....

B Ben Soule

In This Time of Uncertainty

We gather in this time of uncertainty, full of unknowns, as angst closes in upon us. We light this chalice with a flame that draws us together. With this flame, we cut through the dankness of isolation and are warmed by the fires of our interconnection....

A Amy Williams Clark

The Love That Redeems Us All

May God—the mind that sees our faults, the tears that sting our wounds, the laugh that soothes our aches, and the love that redeems us all—be illuminated by the light we kindle in this house of faith.

M Max A Coots

UU Heritage Chalice Lighting

Our Unitarian heritage bids us light our chalice In the name of freedom, In the light of reason, In actions of tolerance. We gather in community to celebrate a heritage of freedom, reason, and tolerance....

E Elizabeth M Strong

For the Freedom of Faith

Our prophets died for the freedom of faith; We are here in their spirit. We are here to practice and sustain our living tradition; To light a chalice, Claiming for justice The heat and power of fire....

H Heather K Janules