The Chalice of Communion Wine

Long ago freedom-loving people put flames upon a chalice as a symbol of freedom and sharing for all. As we light this flame, so we dedicate ourselves to freedom and sharing.

M Maryell Cleary

Work in Commitment and Love

As we light this chalice [this evening], may it serve to give us clarity of purpose and illumine our way as we set about doing the work of this congregation, in commitment, in cooperation, and in love.

V Viola Abbitt

A Fire in the Universe

Our chalice reminds us that all is connected even though the space of the void is vast, and our experience here is but a blip in the cosmic timeline.

S Shawn Trapp

Exploring Who We Are

Under the right circumstances, playing with fire is a delight—imagine being gathered round a firepit as the crackling flames invite us to sing, dance, and roast a marshmallow or two. ...

M Melanie Davis

All Souls Chalice Lighting

We remember those who share this earth with us no longer, and bear witness to their lives, and the roles they have played in ours.

V Viola Abbitt

The Hearth of the Chalice

As we light the chalice, may our souls become its hearth. We join our hearts in one flame of bright compassion and fervent justice. May our sparks create Beloved Community in the world.

B Bear W. Qolezcua

We Are a People of Beauty

May we remember to inhale the lushness in life knowing that we are a people of beauty.

K Kimberlee Anne Tomczak Carlson

Hymn to the Light

Our light is the light of the cosmos, keeper of all we know

D David Breeden

A Community of Faith

At this hour, in small towns and big cities, in single rooms and ornate sanctuaries, many of our sibling Unitarian Universalist congregations are also lighting a flaming chalice. ...

J Judith L Quarles

People of Memory

United in hope for the future, guides us to trust in love.

K Kimberlee Anne Tomczak Carlson