In This Delicate Turning

Marta I. Valentín

It is time to throw out our exceptional identity and humble ourselves... We have always done good in the world—it is in our DNA. The question is, are we ready to do better for our own people? Because the world includes every person in our faith—many of whom have been micro-aggressioned right out the door. It is the silent revolving door that many do not want to acknowledge. It is time to look ourselves not just in our faces, but in our souls and ask ourselves, who are we, really? Which Unitarian Universalism are we taking into our future? If we have no intention of taking it to the promised land, then let’s just acknowledge that. Let’s Marie Kondo our unfaithful practices and release what no longer serves us and make room for what will. How can we save the world if we can’t save ourselves? Remember, I say this because love you and I need you to survive.

But I also need to say this, and I speak only for myself: I am running out of truths to tell and ways of saying them. It is time now to keep this beloved faith from fracturing, moreover, in this delicate turning let us remember that before anything, ante todos, somos sere humanos, we are human beings who have chosen to travel together, to make a new, more just world together. We must continue to choose each other as companions if we are to accompany one another.

from "In This Delicate Turning," a sermon delivered on June 23, 2019 by Rev. Marta Valentín as part of Sunday morning worship at General Assembly (Spokane). Note: as a beautifully and carefully crafted service, the entire service is informative and inspiring. Rev. Valentín's sermon begins at 1:10 and ends at 1:45.