Prayer for Dedication of New Home Built by Women Build-Habitat for Humanity

Carie J Johnsen

Opening Prayer

As we draw together this evening, let us pause for moment to remember the faces of the many women who have gathered in this space to build a house for <name>.

Let us remember the women who have shared of their spirit, their energy, their wisdom and their time to help another realize her dream of not just receiving a house but creating a home. In bringing together the spirit of love, the gift of service and a renewed hope for one family, these women have consecrated this ground and made it holy.

Today, we bless more than a structure. We bless <name> as they move into this house built by the dreams and labor of generous, wonderful and wise women. It is <name> who will complete the project. Only they can bring that final ingredient which will make this house a home. Their love as a family will reverberate through these walls for years to come. It will become a fixture that will hold them in their joy and celebration as well as in their sorrow and tears.

And so in the spirit of life and love...we bless all those who gather

In the name of all that we, in our separate traditions, deem holy and sustaining, we bless the many gifts of Women Build, this home and the <name> family

...So may it be, amen.

Closing Prayer

May the love that lifted the rafters,
And hung the shingles
ripple out into the community of Chatham
and return on the waves along the shores of Cape Cod.

May the love that grew in fellowship of a common goal
continue to grow in the lives of <name>
…as they grow together in laughter and tears, joy and sorrow.

And when the day is long and life is hard
may they feel that same love as they pass through this door.
may they know that they are held in care by a much larger community
may they know they are guided by something much greater than themselves.

And, may those that gather today and in the days past, know that their love has indeed blessed the life of another.

This is indeed the house that love built.
May that love keep shining

In the spirit of life and love,
go in peace…spread the joy…partake in fellowship…hug a friend
...Blessed be, amen.