The Ship of State

Jeff Liebmann

The Greek philosopher Plato compared the human mind to a ship on which the sailors had mutinied and locked the captain and the navigator in a cabin. On such a ship, the sailors feel free to steer the ship as they like, but their direction is erratic. 

The goal of our religious education and youth programming in Unitarian Universalist congregations has been to help you free your navigator and captain, and to guide you as you have learned to take command of your ship of life.

Today, you sail your ship out of the safe harbor of this church community. But, know that your ship joins a mighty fleet of kindred souls facing the storms together. Today, you steer to ports unknown -- but know that wherever you drop anchor, fellow travelers are there to greet you, to guide you, and to be your companions, whatever joys or difficulties your journeys may bring.

The wide universe is the ocean I travel and the Earth is my Blue Boat Home - Peter Mayer