This Body

Kayla Parker

This body is not what it was
I got shin splints from running today
    Ten years ago all I’d get was smelly feet
My back aches just from sitting these days
    In my youth, all my pain came from climbing trees

This body is not what it was
Not some alien thing thrust upon me
    So clumsy, always in the way
I know it and move it like it’s mine
    Didn’t say I never walk into walls from time to time

This body is not what it will be
When the sagging of old age sets in
    And ­simple backaches are fond memories
So I’ll take and enjoy what it is right now
    Not yet frail from old age but sometimes awkward and weak
(Really, it suits what’s inside quite nicely)

This body is not what it was
Or what it will be
And thankfully, right now
It seems to just fit me

Cover of Becoming: A Spiritual Guide for Navigating Adulthood