Let Me Die Laughing

Mark D. Morrison-Reed

We are all dying, our lives always moving ­toward completion.
   We need to learn to live with death, and to understand that death is not the worst of all events.
   We need to fear not death, but life—
      empty lives,
      loveless lives,
      lives that do not build upon the gifts that each of us has been given,
      lives that are like living deaths,
      lives which we never take the time to savor and appreciate,
      lives in which we never pause to breathe deeply.
   What we need to fear is not death, but squandering the lives we have been miraculously given.
   So let me die laughing, savoring one of life’s crazy moments. Let me die holding the hand of one I love, and recalling that I tried to love and was loved in return. Let me die remembering that life has been good, and that I did what I ­could. But today, just remind me that I am dying so that I can live, savor, and love with all my heart.


Cover of Becoming: A Spiritual Guide for Navigating Adulthood