I Say It Touches Us

Marni Harmony

(adapted from the original)

I say that it touches us that our blood is
    sea water and our tears are salt, that the
    seed of our bodies is scarcely different
    from the same cells in a seaweed,
    and that the stuff of our bones is like the coral.

I say that the tide rolls in on us, whether
    we like it or not, and the sands of time
    keep running their intended course.

I say we have to go down into the wave’s trough
    to find ourselves, and then ride her swell
    until we can see beyond ourselves into
    our neighbor’s eye.

I say that we shall never leave the harbor
   if we do not hoist the sail.

I say that we have got to walk the waves
   as well as solid ground.

I say that anyone who goes without
   consciousness of this will remain
   changed to a rusty anchor.

May the journey find us worthy. Amen.

Cover of Becoming: A Spiritual Guide for Navigating Adulthood