In Praise of Technology & Social Media

Wren Bellavance-Grace

In praise of computers and routers and servers and all the hardware and software that can help us build our connectedness;

in praise of all the gremlins that live in the machines and bug our programs and help us to practice patience;

in praise of the trolls who dwell in the internet and push us to live out our first principle in real time;

in praise of power surges that eat our data and devour our final draft, for giving us the opportunity to rebuild and remember that our work is as much transient as it is transcendent;

in praise of the Error: Page Not Found, which reminds us that with some people we need to find new paths to make connections, because not everyone uses the same keywords;

in praise of servers that drop our connections which reminds us that all who serve have built-in limits to their capacity;

in praise of communication and connection, whether it is face-to-face or facebook-to-facebook,

We always risk errors, hurt feelings and misunderstanding,

But it is also, always, worth the risk.