Communion Prayer

Kate Lore

Spirit of Life and of Love,

Deep down we know that there is a greater mystery, a life and a pulse with which we are all connected. We know also that our lives are happier, healthier and more satisfying when we reach out to it, when we make it a conscious and real aspect of our lives.

Yet it is so easy to forget these connections, to feel alone in this world, so separate from others and from you.

And so we take time on this day to ritualize these connections, to make them visible as we gather at the great Banquet of Life.

As we prepare ourselves for the taking of Communion, we offer up our gratitude for all the gifts with which you have blessed us:

  • for the beautiful world in which we live
  • for family and friends with whom we share our lives
  • for food on our plates and roofs over our heads
  • for all those things that make life abundant.

In the quiet of this sacred space and time, we especially lift up our thanks for the gift of Jesus, that great teacher of Love’s path. May his teachings of non-violence, of sharing resources and providing mutual assistance be reborn in us today. So that we can, in turn, be channels of your love and mercy.