A Prayer as the Supreme Court Considers SB 1070

Marta I. Valentín

On April 25, the Supreme Court of the United States began hearing oral arguments about the constitutionality of Arizona’s S.B. 1070 law, a law that broadly targets undocumented immigrants. Many across the country, including Unitarian Universalists and other people of faith, anxiously awaited the outcome of this case. This prayer for Unitarian Universalist individuals and congregations calls us to pay attention to events at the Supreme Court, in Arizona, and elsewhere where such legislation has been enacted or is being contemplated. This prayer speaks to our hearts and seeks to shore up our resolve to stand on the side of love with those whose lives are most at stake.

Spirit of Compassion
Isn’t it amazing
how we crave to know an outcome
before its time
even as we accept
that we cannot know
how anything will go?

We do not know if the mounds of obstacles
will become dirt cleared away
or earth made into mountain…

We do not know if fresh air will degenerate
into a stagnant suffocation
or be sucked out of lives
longing to breath freely and easily…

if the deserts will spring a true oasis
or continue to offer a false vision of survival…

if the shores will be flowing invitations
into unfathomable freedoms
or a fearfully ebbed withdrawal
of even the tiniest hospitality…

We who walk on ground taken for granted
we who speak of an Earth that has no borders
ask for guidance as we aid those in need
as well as those who would obstruct our care.

Spirit of Compassion
strengthen our resolve to carry forth
this ministry
regardless of the reality of the decisions
made to seemingly thwart our efforts.

Let us, in one grounded body
strong in our Unitarian Universalist faith
in solidarity with those whose lives
are most at stake,
resolve never to give up this fight for them
nor for our country.

Let ours be the voices that demand
a true accounting of these legal human beings.

Let ours be the hearts that resolve
whether through light or dark times
to stay the course
no matter what
no matter how long.

Let our love be the kind they have been waiting for.