Embodiment & Sexuality

Embodiment & Sexuality

Seth Carrier-Ladd

Spirit of life and love, may we find appreciation today, and in our lives,
for our embodiment.

We are physical creatures: mind, spirit and soul housed within our bodies.

Our bodies, our physical form,
allow us to experience the world:
Taste—chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.
Touch—the warmth and smoothness of a baby’s skin.
Sight—the blossoming colors of sunrise and sunset.
Sound—the laughter of friends and family.
Smell—the aroma of fresh-baked bread.

In particular today, may we find gratitude for our sexuality
May we be grateful for and appreciate
our gender identity, our sexual orientation, our physical selves.

May we appreciate
the pleasure
the intimacy
the connection
that comes with and is part of our sexuality.

May we also remember that for many,
sexuality can bring a variety of emotions:
shame, sadness, trauma, anger, pain, and hurt.

For all the joy and goodness that embodiment brings,
it also has its challenges…
aching joints, long-term health conditions, severe illness and more.

Today, as we honor the whole of our selves,
we also honor the whole spectrum of sexual experience
holding the joys in all their richness
and the sorrows in all their fullness
in our hearts.