Being Human Means We Are of This Earth

Sweethome Teacup

May we recognize and abandon the familiar attitudes and practices that do not serve the whole. We are who we are
we have the opportunity to be who we want to be,
to create a new inheritance for the future.
May our thoughts, words, and actions in our daily lives
assist in dismantling paradigms of oppression and suffering.
May we give thanks for our individual place in time and space,
to our families and our relationships that touch and change us.
May we give thanks to the wise teachers who help us remember how to be
and the chance to make it so.
Underneath and within these stories and histories is our humanity.
Being human means we are of this earth,
we are these waters, we are fire, and atmosphere, we are the Sun and the moon and the stars.
We are all that we see and the wisdom is revealed by looking in between.

An arc of Earth's surface, blue oceans and swirling white clouds, taken from space