Burning Bowl Ritual

Victoria Weinstein


As we continue to seek out the stories of hope in our world in the new year, there are also some things we would very much like to put behind us from the old year. The ushers have given you scraps of paper on which to inscribe those things from which we would seek to unburden ourselves. We now invite you to come to the Burning Bowl and consign them to the purifying flames.

The Ceremony

(Music provided while congregants come forward to put their papers on the fire.)

The Release

May what you have released here be forever gone from your spirit and cease to trouble you. May you be relieved and renewed, ever mindful that love is always more powerful than fear, and that compassion is the key to freedom from resentment.

[Note: Paper should be put in each Order of Service. Some congregations use "flash paper" (available from magic supply stores) which burns in a sudden flash, leaving no ash or residue. Others use regular paper so that there is smoke and flame to watch and reflect on.]