Water Blessing - Wedding Blessing

Tess Baumberger

The Wedding blessing is to be used with a wedding ritual of pouring water from two vessels into a common vessel, as an alternative to a unity candle. We bless the water and talk about if they replenish it all the time, as they need to replenish their marriage, there will always be some of the water from that day in it.

Our gathering here, our sharing our words, our experiences, our joys and our sorrows, brings blessings to this water. Spirit that flows through all things, add your blessing to this water, and teach us its wisdom.

Teach us the wisdom of water, that life will have its falls, sometimes like a mountain stream tumbling over round stones, sometimes like threads of rain spun from clouds, sometimes in breath-taking cascades.

Teach us the wisdom of water, that each fall is finite, each ends in contact with earth. May we remember that we in this community are as earth to each other. We cushion each other's falls, lessening the impact, supporting one another through hard times. We are the ground of blessed community.

Teach us the wisdom of water, that we will rise again from each fall, sometimes like mist breathed from neighborhoods trees, sometimes like a geyser shouting from the earth, sometimes as imperceptibly as evaporation from the sea.

Spirit of Life and Loving, may you be with us, as we move together through life. Nourish us in the dry times and flow into us the simple abundances of life, loving, patience, and compassion.

May it be so. Amen, and Blessed Be.