Our Common Life Is Enriched

We are grateful for the gift of our lives and the gift of other people in our lives.

Each of us is created with dignity and worth.

We are called to love one another and to do nothing to others that we would find hateful to ourselves.

We honor the many ways that people live and love.

Our common life is enriched when queer, transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and gay people can come out—sharing the gifts of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

True justice flourishes when all people can live and flourish. 

We suffer when LGBTQ people are oppressed, excluded, or shamed by religious people who overlook the fundamental call to love one another.

Love does not exclude. We are all worthy.

May we work to build a world where all people are celebrated and loved.

We celebrate sexual and gender diversity as a blessing that enriches us all. 


This responsive reading is from Religious Institute, a multifaith organization dedicated to advocating for sexual, gender, and reproductive health, education, and justice in faith communities and society.