Forms of Abundance

Lorelei Greenwood-Jones

Leader: What is abundance? What do we call riches and bounty?

Congregation: Abundance is all around us.

L: That we are alive is priceless; that we are loved is beyond worth.

C: That we love others in turn fills our souls.

L: The gifts of food that Mother Earth provides from Her body, endlessly renewing, generously feeding all.

C: The gifts of spirit that our Sacred Source provides, freely and without need of recompense; holy, holy, holy!

L: The friends and family surrounding us; our possessions; the homes that shelter us; all are forms of abundance.

C: The seasons and tides, forever circling; sunrises and sunsets; the blessings of another day; in this are we gifted.

L: Remember, too, to be grateful. Take time to thank the Provider for your bounty.

C: With gratitude, with thanks, with love do we fill our hearts.

L: May you be forever blessed, remembering that even in times of scarcity, we are ever blessed.

C: May we share what we have with those who have nothing, and be agents of abundance.