Together in a Sacred Space

Lorelei Greenwood-Jones

Leader: In this sacred place, we need not be alone. We seek a listening ear, a warm heart, open arms.

Congregation: In this sacred place, we join together against the waves of negativity and oppression in our world.

L: We are a community of individual beings, living our own lives, yet coming together now and then in joyous celebration of Spirit and one another.

C: Our differences do not divide us; rather, they are a source of interest and discovery. We need not think alike to love alike.

L: Here, joys are shared, and sorrows comforted. We are Seen and Heard and Believed.

C: My compassion overflows; our hearts reach for others.

L: We are a gathering of like-hearted people, and here are our hearts filled. We hear the wisdom and counsel of our ministers and that of one another.

C: We have much to learn from each other, so many different colors of truth and ways and methods.

L: In this sacred place, may we find what our spirits desire, and what our spirits need. May we be grounded in love and sharing.

C: In this sacred place, may we find acceptance and consideration. May our actions and words echo what we learn here.