We Labor in Love

Amanda Udis-Kessler

One: On Labor Day we honor our work, physical and mental, paid and unpaid, joyous and heartbreaking.

Many: We give thanks for work’s gifts, suffer its difficulties, and strive to make labor just and joyous for all.

One: Our work can build our society, provide for our material needs, and give our life meaning.

Many: We labor in gratitude.

One: Our work can damage our society and the planet, fail to sustain our material needs, and be meaningless.

Many: We join together to create work that supports the well-being of all.

One: Our work can heal the world, help us understand who we are, and keep us safe.

Many: We labor in joy.

One: Our work can harm the world, demean us, and expose us to danger.

Many: We join together to create work that is safe and humane.

One: Our work can fill our days with accomplishments and our lives with stories.

Many: We labor in love.

One: Our work can dissatisfy and alienate us; we may not be able to find enough work or any work.

Many: We join together to create work that blesses us, all people, and the planet.

One: This Labor Day and all Labor Days to come,

All: May our work, and all work, serve humanity and all living beings.