In Troubled Times

Stephen M. Shick

This resource can be read by a single reader, or responsively between a leader and the congregation.

From the loneliness of troubled times, we come
To discover that we are not alone.
Into the dwelling place of togetherness, we come
To collect remnants of hope.
From fear that all is lost, we come
To discover what will save us.
Into the comfort of each other’s arms, we come
To feel the strength that has not yet vanished.
From darkness, we come
To wait until our eyes begin to see.
Into the refuge of fading dreams, we come
To remove illusions and focus new visions.
From despair that walks alone, we come
To travel together.
Into the dwelling place of generations, we come
To pledge allegiance to being peace
and doing justice.

Five people of color are seen in a line, holding hands with arms crossed in a sign of solidarity.