We Bless These Animals We Love

Christine Robinson

Minister: Surrounded by the animals we love, we remember with gratitude the pets, protectors, and animal companions who have blessed our lives.

People: We give thanks for our childhood pets, who taught us to love and to cry. We give thanks for our children's pets, who help us to teach them responsibility and relationship, and we give thanks for the pets who brighten our days and comfort our nights.

Minister: Surrounded by beloved pets, we remember that many animals suffer.

People: We remember that some animals are hunted or deserted or tortured or hungry. We remember that nature can be cruel and that people can be mean. We remember and want to help.

Minister: Surrounded by the animals we love, we know that many animals contribute to our lives.

People: We give thanks for all those animals who help us: worker animals who guard us and find our lost and guide the blind, the animals who provide us food and clothing, who tote our burdens and entertain us with their antics, and for animals who give their lives to help us learn.

Minister: Spirit of life, help us to remember that we live and work and love among the animals. Help us to be their friends, to love them and care for them and protect them from harm, to thank them when we use their lives for ours. Especially this morning, spirit of life, bless these animals who are the companions of our lives. Hear our outpouring of love and gratitude for them and help us translate that into love and gratitude for all your creatures.

All: We bless these animals we love. We pledge to care for them tenderly and faithfully, and to remember that we are not alone on the earth.

A black-and-white photo of a young elephant playing, between larger elephants