What is the Meaning of Winter Solstice?

Elizabeth Dale

Happy Winter Solstice! Today is the morning after the longest night and shortest day of the year. Today is the beginning of the Waxing Half of the year, from now until the Summer Solstice the day will lengthen and night will shorten. Today is the re-birth of light into our world, today the promise is made that winter will come to an end. Now we can begin to plan ahead for the year, to think, and rest from activity while we contemplate our lives, our successes, our joys, our concerns, and to choose new seeds to plant in our lives for the coming spring. What goals and actions did not serve you in the last year? That is what you sacrifice to Winter, that is what you leave behind. That is what you give to death. Forgive and make peace with it now. What seeds do you wish to plant in your life, what will you give your energy and attention to in the new year? This is the dream and hope of Yule, to begin again in Joy and Peace.