Title Poems from "Singing The Journey"

Jaco ten Hove

Singing the Journey uses our Six Sources as organizing themes, as shown in the sections of the Table of Contents. “The Living Tradition we share draws from many sources,” so come with me now on a short spiritual romp through these six sections as I draw only from the song titles in each section to create Haiku-like poems, to honor the inclusive breadth and creativity of both our Living Tradition and this collection of tunes for Singing the Journey

Transcending Mystery and Wonder

  • When Our Heart Is in a Holy Place
  • There’s a River Flowin’ in My Soul
  • In My Quiet Sorrow
  • Comfort Me
  • Breaths
  • When I Am Frightened
  • Open My Heart
  • Morning Has Come

Words and Deeds of Prophetic People

  • Standing on the Side of Love
  • I Know I Can
  • Open the Window
  • Love Knocks & Waits for Us to Hear
  • The Fire of Commitment
  • Woyaya!
  • Come and Go with Me,
  • Building Bridges
  • When the Spirit Says
  • Lean on Me

Wisdom from the World's Religions

  • Freedom Is Coming
  • Filled with Loving Kindness

Jewish and Christian Teachings

  • Hush
  • There Is a Balm in Gilead
  • Shall We Gather at the Rivers of Babylon?
  • We Begin Again in Love
  • Be Thou with Us

Humanist Teachings

  • As We Sing of Hope and Joy
  • May Your Life Be As a Song
  • Ours Be a Religion
  • All Around the Child
  • We Are the Oneness of Everything
  • Let This Be a House of Peace
  • For So the Children Come

Earth-Centered Traditions

  • Evening Breeze
  • Rising Green
  • Mother I Feel You
  • On the Dusty Earth Drum
  • Turn the World Around
  • Mother Earth, Beloved Garden
  • Blue Boat Home