What Do Our Children Need on Sunday Morning?

Lowell Brook
  • They need to light a candle, and have a quiet moment to enjoy its mystery.
  • They need to sing a song, to hear their own voice and other voices joined together, and to feel the feelings that are stirred by music.
  • They need to hear a story and have a chance to share their own, remembering that we are each different and also very alike.
  • They need to create something. Expressing themselves, whether using words or materials, helps to bind the different parts of ourselves and life together. That's what religion is.
  • They need to be with an adult who is interested in the world and who feels the privilege and responsibility of their trust—one who is glad to be with them, and regards them positively.

Into this safe and encouraging context, we may weave the content of our religious traditions. The history and common threads of our identity are important to be sure, but without this essential loving embrace the education will not be religious.