Simply Cherish The Earth

William F. Schulz

Regardless of our differences, there are a host of affirmations that we embrace as the basis for our faith. Whatever we think the holy may be, Creation itself is holy.

We make no distinctions between the natural and the supernatural, the secular and the sacred. We simply cherish the earth and all its creatures, the stars in all their glory.

Life’s gifts are available to everyone, not just the chosen or the saved.

Only human artifice or blind ill fortune can separate us from the source of our blessings.

That which is Divine, Precious, or Profound is made evident not in the miraculous or otherworldly, but in the simple and the everyday.

We look not to the heavens or an afterlife for our meaning, but to the exuberance of this life's unfolding.

Human beings themselves are responsible for the planet and its future.

Social and environmental justice is a religious obligation. The future is never fated.

Every one of us is held in Creation's hand. We share its burdens and its radiance. Hence strangers need not be enemies.

The earth is our cherished home; all its inhabitants our companions.

Though death confronts is all, we love life all the more, perhaps because we loose it.

An honorable and impassioned life may not deny death its due, but it can surely deny it of its victory.