Song of the Universe

Manish Mishra-Marzetti

“For each child that’s born,
a morning star rises
and sings to the universe
who we are.”

Listen carefully…
Can you still hear the song?
The one sung for you
when you were born.
The song sung by a cosmos
in motion
rejoicing at your life.

You, the result.
You, the outcome.
You, the celebration.

Listen carefully…
Can you hear it still?
A song of possibility.
A reminder that
we still have time
to be who and what
we need to be.

Listen carefully…
The vast expanse
echoes a recognition
that it’s not always easy.
can be hard to pursue.

Roads not taken,
wrong turns,
destinations that disappoint.
Through this,
the song persists.
The universe sings no less
because time and space
wear us thin.

The music calls us
to recognize our limitations,
to recognize that
the song is best
sung with others.

Here, in community,
bringing alive
that most primordial
and original impulse,
the desire to sing
to the universe who we are,
to celebrate and share
our lives with others.