Prayer of Purpose and Inner Fire

Tamara Lebak

Holy One,

You who dwells within and among us,

Let us remember the blessings of purpose that we have received throughout our lives
When the fire of our soul burned brightly
Those moments of clarity
When our direction felt in line with a greater purpose
When the doors of opportunity were easy to see
And even easier to open

Those moments of clarity when even strangers felt like family.

We ask this day to have that clarity of Spirit come forth into our lives again with the power of a mighty wind,
Opening the horizons of our hearts and minds
To that inner fire which burns inside us all.

May we be inspired this day to sing out praise of this glorious life in a language beyond the power of speech, in a language of action
So that our lives might be a beacon of justice and love
And the world might know hope through our story, our song, our steps taken.

We ask this day that our inner fire burn brightly with compassion and courage and love
For whatever number of days ahead are still ours to claim.

These and the many prayers of our hearts we pray now in the silence.