I am not alone. There is a Love holding me.

Heather Rion Starr

May I move gently through this cloudy, murky, gray day.
May I remember that this is just one day,
and that showing up is at least half of what is asked of me.
May I set aside my underlying anxiety that I will not get to everything
and put my trust and faith onto the riverbank of human community — we are working together.
I am not alone. There is a Love holding me that is unconcerned with my day's to-do list and more concerned with my spirit's survival, even its thriving, in this beautiful, challenging world. May we all remember that 'Rome wasn't built in a day,' that our efforts are part of an ongoing stream of efforts, of lives being lived beside one another, shoring up this world.
May what little I do today be for the greater good.
May I be gentle with others today as I long for others to be gentle with me.
May it be so.

The phrase "there is a love holding me" comes from a meditation by the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, and was later woven into a song by UU musician Beth Norton. We thank both of them for granting that song to WorshipWeb.