We Are Connected

Leslie Takahashi

Despite distance and fear: We are connected.
Despite loneliness and change: We are connected.
Across different experiences and lives: We are connected.
Even in the face of the inevitable losses of life: We are connected.

When we wish to laugh: We are connected
When we need to mourn: We are connected.
Across a nation divided: we are connected.
Even when we dance alone in a room: We are connected.

In the heat of the sun: we are connected
In the glow of the stars: we are connected
Across the limits of our imagination, we are connected.
Even when nature trembles: we are connected.

Note: this can be used in worship as a litany, in which the congregation responds, in unison, "We are connected" after the leader reads each line.

The Gulf of México, lit at night, as seen from space.