Opening Words for a Leadership Team Worship

Gina Whitaker

(This was written for the opening worship at a district board retreat. It could be used for any service where the thematic goal is to lift up professional and/or lay leadership or board work, and working together as a leadership team.)

All: We gather here this weekend,
A community of leaders within a larger community of faith.
Our work before us, we are called to "deliver the goods" with commitment, reason and foresight.

Reader 1: Remembering we are a religious community,
We strive to set our  goals, develop our policies and,express our opinions
With love at the top of all agenda items.

Reader 2: Remembering we hold open the door to welcome the multitudes who may yet enter,
We set the pace, teach by example, and encourage growth
Sustaining a spirit of abundance and a connection to the greater good.

Reader 3: Remembering that we hold the lamp to illuminate others' visions,
We pledge our service, li sten to each other, andpool our individual gifts
With transformation as our overreaching goal.

All: Serving together,
We are building Unitarian Universalism,
We are bonding in unity and love
We are blessing each other.