We gather together

We gather together

Libbie D Stoddard

"We gather together": familiar words to many of us.

"We"—called here not by name, not by special invitation—but we who are here, who, walking by the door, come in; who come anonymously, burdened and borne by our visions, yearnings, despairs, solitudes.

"Gather"—called here not by law, not by outer compulsion, but by inward necessity do we come, alone or with others, casual, yet intent; drawing in, drawing toward, drawing near.

"Together"—this is the hardest, the most difficult thing—for within and without this building and this room we irk, frustrate and anger each other at least as often as we lend or give support.

"Together" is a place; "together" is a way; "together" is a focus: an acknowledgment that we who gather are seekers and are equal in our seeking.