All That We Do Not Know

All That We Do Not Know

Susan L Suchocki

Day by day, month by month, year by year we are confronted with all that we do not know, that we do not understand, that we do not grasp.

Sometimes we are humbled by this knowledge and say: God, it is too wonderful for me to comprehend but I know this universe is more grand and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined and I give thanks for the blessing of being here and seeing, hearing, experiencing, and sensing all that is so wonderful around and in me.

Sometimes we are saddened by this knowledge and say: O merciful spirit, we need to have the burden of hurt and suffering removed from us. Grant us the courage, the wisdom and fortitude to bear the pain of living. Send us those who will carry our burdens for a short while and send us those who will comfort us with their healing words and thoughts.

Sometimes we are angered by this knowledge and say: In the name of justice and compassion—if it be in our power—give us the strength and ability to right the wrongs, for we do not nor does any person in the world deserve this.

Sometimes we are made joyous by this knowledge and we say: Spirit of life who blesses our world, we rejoice and cheer for our glorious life.

Sometimes we are made curious by this knowledge and say: Holy and inexplicable is this life—I have no idea what happened or how it happened but somehow, someway, something changed and I am free to explore new ways of being. Please always let me continue to search for the unknown in myself and others.