Here in this space we are gathered

Maureen Killoran

Here in this space, we are gathered, called by our sense of urgency, or duty, or the longing for community, called to be together on this day...Here, in this space, we are gathered...called to hold ourselves accountable to our remind ourselves of those hopes and dreams and possibilities for which sometimes in the rough-and-tumble world it can be hard to hold on to belief.

Here, in this space, we are gathered, called to do our part in weaving a web of human community.

Here, in this space, some of us have come in pain. [Give both general and specific examples]. To those who are dealing with issues of health, we pray, we wish, for courage and healing. May we pause, and hold gently all the concerns, named and unnamed, that are gathered in this room, this day.

And in the complexities of community, it is right that in this space some have come with joy bubbling in their heart...May we rejoice together, remembering the wisdom that says joys are multiplied when shared...May we remember gratitude for warmth...thankfulness for sunshine...appreciation for the simple tastes of whatever food our lives and bodies let us choose.

Here, in this space, we are called to weave the web of human community. May we pause, and in our silence, may we lift up at least one blessing, one joy, no matter how small, that has touched our life this week.

May our shared silence be a blessing on our hearts, on this community, and may this blessing extend outward to grace the wider world.