Prayer for Easter Sunday

Wayne B Arnason
Spirit of Life,

How easy it is to speak your name and offer this prayer at this season of re-birth and renewal!!
The spirit of life is everywhere, evident in each new bud and shoot. We pray that our lives may be blessed with that same renewal we see all around us in nature's annual celebration.
We ask that our eyes may be opened to gifts and companions that are part of our journey whom we may be taking for granted. It is easy to walk the way of life with our eyes on the road ahead, and to forget to look over into the eyes of those who share the way with us. Whether they are friends, family, or partners, it is good to remember that a holy spirit can be found in familiar and unexpected people and places.
The last place we expect to find that spirit is in the tomb within ourselves where hopes and possibilities have lain buried, killed by time and circumstance and potential unfulfilled. Maybe that tomb is empty today. Maybe those hopes and possibilities walk beside you. Maybe something unexpected and unheard of awaits you in this season.
Be with us, Spirit of Life, and help us to be open and awake to the springtime miracle that is in each one of us.

We pause in silent witness to these hopes and aspirations.