A Prayer for People in War

Eric Cherry

Spirit of Life, God of Justice, Mother of Creation,
You call us to embody equity and freedom in our lives.
You are present in every struggle to overcome oppression with peace and justice.
And though our siblings in Ukraine are half a world away from us, 
we seek to be as near to them as we might in spirit and in prayer.
Strengthen and encourage the noble cause of the citizens and religious leaders of Ukraine.
Inspire wisdom, understanding and compassion in the hearts and minds of the members of the Russian government.
Comfort those who suffer in this and all struggles for peace and justice in our world.
We seek to be useful instruments in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and so we rededicate ourselves to living lives examined through the lens of right relationship internationally.
Our prayer is that in this very moment, wisdom and compassion will guide our hands and our hearts.
May it be so.

Originally part of UUA President William Sinkford's statement in response to events in Burma in September 2007, this prayer can be adapted for use in other circumstances, and has been adapted here for the February 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.