Guided Meditation (For a Church Anniversary)

Jacqueline A Collins

Let us be together in silence. Let our hearts listen. Let this house be quiet.

For a moment, stretch back in memory to the first time you joined a meeting of this church. It may have been in this building or in a rented space or a home. What was happening then? Were you comfortable, anxious, pleased, hesitant? Remember those moments.

Who are the first people you met? Along the way, between that first time and now, what are the most intimate friendships you have formed? Feel the warmth of this community.

From back then to now, what have been the important events of your life, the rites of passage, birth, dedication, coming of age, weddings, separation, divorce, death. All, what a religious community is privileged to encompass: the connection between people living on this earth. So, now, consider the influence of this community on you and your children.

We have come to this hour to expand our hopes, deepen our vision and stretch forth our hand, knowing not what we shall touch but wanting to link our lives with other lives. We have come to give and to receive.

May the flame of our chalice continue to light our way and warm our heart.