Spoken and Silent Meditation or Prayer

Spoken and Silent Meditation or Prayer

Wayne B Arnason
We join together now in a time of meditation or prayer, spoken at first and then for a time in the peace that silence brings.

As we enter into silence we remember the many connections that sustain and uplift us through this religious community. We remember those who preceded us, whose contributions built a free faith, who built this home for its practice.

We remember those around us, whose continuing care in thought and deed is an ongoing blessing in our lives, keeping the dream of free religion alive in our time.

We remember those who will follow us, the children presently in our care and those not yet come to light, who will inherit the work of our hands and hearts.

In the silence now, we sit surrounded by these many connections, visible and invisible, that remind us every day that we are not alone.

(Silent meditation)

Peace be with us, and with all under the sun.