The Edge

The Edge

David O Rankin

A religion that promises a life without tension, a life without conflict, a life without suffering, is a religion of passivity, a religion of mediocrity, a religion of insignificance. Everything worth doing in the world is a desperate gamble, a game of chance, where nothing is certain. 

What is love? Is it not a wild and sublime speculation that can end in ecstasy or despair? 

What is courage? Is it not a hazardous risk of fortune that can end in victory or defeat? 

What is adventure? Is it not a blind leap in the dark that can end in joy or disaster? 

What is faith? Is it not a prayerful flip of the coin that can end in heaven or hell? 

If I refuse to play the game, if I refuse to risk myself, if I refuse to throw the dice, I am never really alive. I am then only flesh, baking in the sun on a middling plateau, with no view of the valley and no road to the peak.