Divinity is our Birthright

Divinity is our Birthright

Victoria Weinstein

Divinity is our birthright. God nods to God from behind each of us. But let us remember, as Mr. Emerson said, "divinity is behind our failures and follies also."

In the silence that follows, let us pray
that we may notice and accept the Divinity of tiny things
the Divine of ordinary miracles
and even in the awkward mistakes.
In frivolous conversation with friends
in worldless companionship with a loved one—
in the work that seems futile one day
but resonates with meaning the next.
In the shared meal,
and the shopping list
In the peaceful sleep
in the simple procession of the spring days.

We pray this moment to keep tender vigil over our precious, imperfect lives.
To know each one as a vessel, however cracked or broken, of the Holy.
So may we strive to recognize the indwelling presence of God in all people,
in all living things,
and even in ourselves.

In the silence, may we open our hearts. So may it be.