Water Communion Covenant Renewal

Water Communion Covenant Renewal

Tony Lorenzen

At the bottom of this page, you'll find suggestions for this ritual's sanctuary setting.

Board Chair/President: This morning, we reconnect with our commitment to this congregation and to each other as members of this church. We ask that as members of [name of congregation], you re-affirm this articulation of what it means to belong not only to our congregation but to each other as members in covenant. Our covenant is a living document, and we re-covenant each year during the water communion.

Please join with me in reciting our covenant.

All: We, the members of [name of congregation] covenant with each other through these sacred promises:

[insert your congregation's covenant here]

Board Chair/President: We ask that after you share your water this morning, you come up and sign this large copy of the covenant as a sign that you will work with the rest of us using, living, and practicing this covenant. People of all ages are invited to sign and make these promises.

Minister: Water is both a symbol of life and requirement for life. All living things are intimately connected to water.  We share a water communion this morning.  

As you come up to the table, we encourage your to stop at the mic and share with us something about our congregation that you find life-giving and something about how you will contribute to the life of our congregation in the coming year.

After sharing, take one of the communion cups and pour the water into the common bowl. After pouring, take with you one of the small vials of water as reminder of the life giving power of this community.

After taking the vial, take the marker and re-covenant with us by adding your signature to the large copy of the covenant.

[People come forward, take water, sign the covenant, and return to their seats. Worship leaders bring water communion -- water and bowls, as well as the covenant -- to those with mobility issues, and then return those elements to their places.]

Minister: Join me in blessing our water using words printed in your order of service (or on an insert on a multimedia display screen, etc).

All: Spirit Life, may this water be a sign and symbol of your presence and power, for without water there is no life. Wherever this water is present and however it is used in ritual, may this water be a reminder of the life-affirming power of our covenantal faith community, the sacredness and worth of each human life, and the power of love. Amen.


Suggested communion sanctuary setting: A table centered at the front of the sanctuary in an appropriate and accessible place. To one side of the table (side from which people will approach) is mic on an adjustable stand. On the other side of the table is a copy of the congregation’s covenant written on large newsprint sheets in large letters with space at the bottom—or even a separate  sheet of paper—where people will sign their names. In the middle is a table, on which are placed: (mic side) a set of communion cups filled with water, (center) a bowl into which water from cups is poured, (covenant side) small plastic capped vials containing water from last year’s water communion. If there is not much water from last year, boil and filter left over water and add it to a larger amount of fresh clean water so there is enough for all the vials you will need. If your congregation’s chalice is moveable, place it on the table as well behind the common bowl. Have worship leaders such as minister, RE director, worship associate, assist with various part such as helping with the mic or helping people sign.


A tiny drop of water bouncing off of the surface of water in a bowl.