Blessing for Bridging Youth

Julia Hamilton

For this blessing, the youth were invited to sit in a semi-circle on the chancel, around the chalice, and then come forward one at a time. The minister/leader may put their hand on the youth's shoulder as they face the congregation:

(full name of youth), we bless you today.
May your mind be on fire with wonder and wisdom;
May your heart be aflame with love for this life;
May your hands be ignited with purpose;
And may your spirit be aglow with courage and compassion.
(1st name), you are a light unto the world,
and you carry our steadfast love with you wherever you may go.

Call all the youth forward to stand together. Invite the congregation to rise—perhaps in a “laying on of hands” style if your worship space allows—and bless the youth with these words:

Please repeat after me:

We bless you.
We love you.
May your life unfold with joy.

Amen and blessed be.

Then the gifts are given! (suggestions: mini-chalices with an electric tealight, and the book “Becoming”)