The Season of Flowers

Paul R Beedle

Let us contemplate the Spirit together:

Spirit of Life and Love, Justice and Peace:
Six weeks ago our Christian neighbors held their rite of ashes,
    and this past week they scattered palms
from which next year’s ashes will be made,
and commemorated the death of the ancient leader
whose ministry inspires their faith and traditions.
Today they celebrate the story of a miracle,
    which is known as his victory over death,
and is said to be the salvation of all people.
They have been doing this now for thousands of years
    at the season when the earth awakes from winter,
        the season of the flowers;
Just as our Jewish neighbors at the same season
celebrate a miracle of liberation from oppression;
Just as our neighbors of other faiths – Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and more –
    celebrate the births of gods and the start of new years;
Just as we, each year, celebrate the Earth, our home.

Come what may, O Spirit of Life:
Help us to see beyond belief to the goods and blessings and values
    that we, in our common humanity,
use these symbols and seasons to remember.
May we and our neighbors of all faiths also remember what binds us
    across our differences of custom and belief.
May we see, beyond our common humanity,
our common commitments.
And may we, together, fill the world with love, understanding and peace.
In the Spirit, by the Spirit, with the Spirit giving power, so may it be. Amen.         

Let us enter into silence together.